Equity Prime Cyber Attack

Early Sunday morning, many CUIMC users received emails that originated from Equity Prime Mortgage, a company based in Atlanta that is one of the leading mortgage lenders in the U.S. The emails are racist in nature and are the result of a targeted cyberattack against Equity Prime Mortgage.

We are contacting both the company and federal authorities to make them aware of this incident, as we believe this message is impacting other institutions.

We ask that you do the following:

  1. We have blocked all email traffic from Equity Prime Mortgage – please do not correspond with them, or respond to any email from contact@equityprime.com.
  2. Please do not visit the Equity Prime Mortgage website as it has been hacked.
  3. If you have received the message titled “Pre-Qualification Request Complete”, please do not click on the link inside of the message – while Equity Prime Mortgage is a legitimate business, we are working with authorities to further determine the nature of the cyberattack. If you have clicked the link in the message already, please contact us immediately.