Email at CUIMC

Faculty, staff, and students receive an email account when they begin working at CUIMC or enrollment in Medical Center classes. If you were not notified your CUIMC email account was created, please see the "Requesting an Account" section below. CUIMC email addresses contain your uni: format, like

CUIMC email accounts may also be called Exchange, Microsoft 365, or Office 365, which refers to the type of email system used.

Once notified your CUIMC account was created, please follow the steps to Get Started with CUIMC Email.

Remember you can sign into your email from any Microsoft 365 portal, such as or You will need to use your full CUIMC email address and your CUIMC password to sign in. 

Requesting an Account

  • Faculty and staff who do not have a email account will need to have their department or division request one for them via the MC Domain and/or Exchange Account, also linked under "Submit a Service Request" to the top right of this page.
  • Students who are currently enrolled in classes but have not received a CUIMC email address must contact their school's Student Services department.
  • For shared CUIMC accounts, please read the Collaborative Email Solutions page first to determine your needs. See CUIMC Shared Mailboxes and Mailing Lists pages, and use the included request forms.