Wireless at CUIMC

There are two wireless networks on the CUIMC campus:

  • Mercury secure wireless requires annual registration with your UNI account and running a quick set up on your computer or mobile device, see full details including step by step instructions.
  • Guest-net is the unsecured wireless guest network.  It does not require special configuration and only allows basic services such as web browsing and email.

Both networks are only available in supported Wireless Locations on campus.

Before Connecting to Wireless

As with connecting to the wired network, all devices must first:

  1. Have received all critical updates and patches for their operating systems
  2. Have updated antivirus and antispyware programs running on the computer
  3. Be free of viruses, trojans, and other malicious programs

Our networks are scanned for malicious activity and potential threats, and may immediately block any computer or device from connecting if it is not complying with Network Use requirements.

Which wireless network should I use?

  • Faculty, staff and students should always use Mercury secure wireless. A secured network is absolutely required when working with patient data and other sensitive information. Many academic, research, and work-related applications and sites are not available unless you are securely connected.
  • Support for guest-net is limited to verifying whether the network is currently operational. Basic instructions on connecting are at the bottom of this page as a courtesy only.

Can I use other wireless networks that I see broadcast on campus? 

You should not unless your department or school has approved its use and provides you with proper security and configuration information.

Wireless networks other than Mercury or guest-net may have been set up without proper authorization from Core Resources, the group that manages wired and wireless campus connectivity for both CUIMC and NYPH. Connecting your computer to an unauthorized network can result in serious security breaches.

Connecting to Wireless


See the main Mercury page for quick steps and links to detailed instructions for different supported devices, or our video tutorial for computer set up.
NOTE: Windows computers that are on the MC domain may automatically connect to Mercury when a valid MC account is logged in.


This Wireless Guest Network does not require special configuration or a login. Your can connect by selecting "guest-net" from the list of networks detected by your computer or device when on campus.

Once connected, open your web browser. The browser may display a warning page about the website’s security certificate as it is connecting to the guest-net entry page. Be sure to select the link to “Continue to this website” in order to see the Terms and Conditions and Acceptable Use for the Wireless Guest Network website. You must select “I Agree” at the bottom of the page in order to use guest-net.