Android Devices Potential Issues with Mercury

April 28, 2022

UPDATE: Android phones and tablets that are having problems connecting to Mercury should follow new complete steps to remove any current settings, then set up Mercury using the current available version of the QuickConnect ClearPass app from the Play Store.  Some additional steps after set up are necessary and are included in our instructions. 

Smartphones and tablets that are running Android version 12 may experience issues connecting to Mercury, the secure wireless network for the CUIMC campus. We have received reports that registering (or re-registering) for Mercury seems to complete without any problem, but when selecting Mercury to connect it prompts for a sign in rather than automatically connecting.

If you need help determining what version you are using, please see our Android System Versions and Updates page. 

The issue was expected to be resolved with a vendor update to the ClearPass app, used for Mercury. After testing we found that it still requires additional configuration steps and have shared them with the Certified IT Groups, please contact yours if you need help.  The additional configuration should only be needed and used on personal bring-your-own-devices (BYOD).

We are continuing to work with the vendor for a permanent resolution and apologize for any inconvenience.