CUIMC Email Must Use a Compatible App as of March 17th

Due to increased cyber threats from geo-political tension in Russia/Ukraine, the Medical Center is implementing changes to strengthen the security of our IT resources.

Starting this Thursday March 17th, 2022, any apps connecting to CUIMC email that do not use a technology called Modern Authentication will no longer be able to connect. Modern Authentication is “built in” to current, compatible apps listed below.

We have verified in the CUIMC email system that the vast majority of people already use Modern Authentication. To help ensure continued access to email for everyone, we have also checked for those that recently connected to their email using an older, less secure method of Modern Authentication and contacted them via email. Certified IT Groups (CITGs) were also provided information in order to assist those who may need it.

Please do the following to ensure that you do not temporarily lose connection to your CUIMC email on or after March 17th. Note that Web Outlook can be used as a workaround if you do experience issues. Anyone who does lose connection should still try to complete these steps to be sure the issue is related to the change, and resolve it if so.

  1. Make sure you use one of these compatible email apps. See Microsoft's website for instructions on finding what version you use.
    • Windows computers – Office 365, 2019, or 2016
    • Macintosh computers – Office for Mac (aka Office 365), or Office 2019
    • iPhone and iPad – the Outlook app (recommended) or Mail on iOS version 11.3.1 or later*
      *Some phones may still have problems connecting to CUIMC email on Mail, we still strongly recommend trying the free Outlook app instead which offers many more features, please see this FAQ for details or contact us.
    • Android – the Outlook app
  2. If you are not, please update to a compatible version listed above.
    • Office 365 is free and recommended for current CUIMC faculty, staff and students on both Windows and Macintosh.
    • Office 2019 and 2016 is available to download through CUIT, please review eligibility information.
    • The Outlook app is free through the App or Play store.
    • Please contact your CITG if you need assistance with upgrading or installing. 
    • If you install a new version and need to connect your CUIMC account, see our instructions to Set Up Your Email.
      • Most can simply enter their CUIMC email address and password and will connect.
      • If not there are detailed instructions for Windows, Macintosh, iPhone and Android in the Related Links list on that page.
  3. Remove your CUIMC email account from any older, unused or incompatible app. See instructions for Windows, Macintosh, iPhone and Android. If you do not, it may continue trying to connect and slow down the computer, phone, or tablet. It is also best practice for security, to ensure that anyone else who may end up using the device will not be able to see messages or other data that they are not authorized to view!

Note: Anyone currently running any third-party applications and devices that use CUIMC Exchange email should contact their respective CITG group to ensure these applications work with Modern Authentication.

We understand that email is a vital resource for work and school and apologize for any inconvenience. 5Help will have additional staffing to assist with verifying and updating to an app that uses Modern Authentication - Chat is recommended especially during peak call times - and remember that Web Outlook can be used as a temporary solution on both mobile devices as well as computers.