CWID Account and Password Assistance

August 3, 2021

NYP changed the requirements for CWID passwords earlier this year, which must now be 16 characters or longer. CWIDs are used for many clinical systems including Epic.

If you did not change your CWID password yet, or are having general log in problems, please use the self-service options on NYP’s oneID Password Management site (both links below will work):

Full steps for managing your CWID and password are linked under the About Your CWID heading of the oneID Password Management site.  If you forgot your CWID password, or did not update it to the new 16 characters or more requirement after receiving a message from NYP to do so, please follow the steps in section 2.3 “Password Expired”.

We strongly recommend trying the above and reviewing steps carefully to instantly resolve any issues you may be having.  Most can immediately update their password or unlock their account using the instructions linked on the oneID site.

Due to returns to campus and preparation for the upcoming semester we are already experiencing extraordinarily high call volumes and may take some time to respond.  If you are not able to resolve your issue, please include which specific step in the NYP oneID Password Management User Guide you are not able to complete, or any error message you may be seeing when you contact the Service Desk for assistance.