Planned Work Saturday April 3rd 6pm to Sunday 6am - AWS Interruption, CUIMC Services to be Monitored

March 26, 2021

Planned work on IT equipment at CUIMC will affect the ability to access CUIMC AWS, while other services will be monitored but are not expected to experience downtime.   Services being monitored include CUIMC emailO and P network drives, the Spam Digest Web Console.  Work will be performed in two legs:

  • Saturday 6pm to midnight - No expected downtime for services.
  • Midnight to 6am Sunday - AWS services that rely on authentication with MC domain accounts, such as AWS Console, AWS CLI, and AWS VPN, will not be accessible.   No expected downtime for other services.

While there should not be interruptions for network drives or email, we recommend taking the following precautions before Saturday at 6pm:

  • Please make sure you are not working directly from your network drive(s) during this time, as any interruption in connection to the drive can permanently corrupt the file(s) you have open.
  • To be sure you do not have any files open, please close any Office programs including Outlook before the scheduled maintenance begins.

Certified IT Groups were notified of additional services that will be monitored as well.   For any questions please contact the Service Desk via email at or extension 5-Help (212-305-4357), option 5.