Re-registration for Mercury Wireless as of April 12th

As of April 12th, an information security update to our wireless network (Mercury) requires that any personally owned tablets, PCs, laptops, or mobile devices used to conduct Columbia business will need to re-register to continue using Mercury.  If you already re-registered or connected to Mercury successfully after April 12th you do not need to re-register again, other than the normal annual registration.

Please note that this update only affects personal devices connecting to the campus Wi-Fi network named “Mercury”.  After April 12th, personally owned devices that had previously been using Mercury will no longer connect automatically until they are re-registered. All devices joined to the MC domain, typically work-supplied or managed computers and devices, will be updated automatically.

To re-register your Windows, Apple or Android products, use the affected device(s) to visit and follow the instructions. Upon successful re-registration, the device will automatically connect to Mercury when in range of medical center campus Wi-Fi.  

For technical support, please contact your department's Certified IT Group (CITG) to ensure all your devices receive the update. If your department does not have a CITG, or you have any questions or concerns regarding this update, feel free to reach out to the CUIMC IT Service Desk for assistance via or 212-305-HELP (4357).