Secure Email Changes

Resolved - The only current known issues related to Secure Email have been resolved. Replies to a Secure Email, whether they are replying to an individual or shared mailbox, should no longer be going to quarantine automatically.

If you are still getting a "Message Quarantined Notification" emails for any replies to a Secure Email you sent, please contact us for assistance. For more help see What kinds of email messages might be quarantined? 

A recent issue with Secure Email  affects some aspects of its use, including workarounds as we are updating the system. Overall, recipients should find it easer to open messages as they will no longer need to sign in with a CUIMC Secure Email specific password to open the message.

We have updated instructions for using Secure Email including current known issues that may cause replies to to be quarantined.  Note that sending Secure Email to a mailing list is also not recommended.