Service Building Exit

The Core team will make the following adjustments to the CUIMC network in preparation for the move out of the Service Building:

  •  Saturday, 2/18/23 at 9 am: Hammer and HIP connections will be migrated to new campus Core switches. No service disruption is expected.
  • Friday, 2/24/23: the team will begin splicing fiber from the existing path to SB2 to new fiber to HIP for all buildings on the East side of Broadway. All the buildings on the East side of Broadway currently traverse through Russ Berrie. The redundant path to PH will not be touched during this time. All traffic will be passing through PH during that time.
  • Saturday, 2/25/23: all building distributions (NYP\CUMC (East and West of Broadway) will be connected to new HIP00 Cores. The team will adjust routing metrics to HIP00 as the preferred path, with PH1 as backup (active\passive). 
  • Saturday, 3/4/23: the team will move building distributions terminating on PH1 Core to a new PH1 Core platform – all of this will be done in the PH1 closet. Routing metrics will be normalized to active\active.

There is no anticipated service impact. There will be a loss of redundancy during the splicing and migration activities, however the plan is to limit that to the weekend and fully restore redundancy after each of the changes above.