Just Wanted You to Know

Just wanted you to know about Isabella.

This past week I accidentally deleted all my personal folders from my emails (10 years of history) and I can tell you being the compliance officer for the Dental School, I was going out of my mind not being able to get those emails back.  After realizing I needed to act fast, I called the Help Desk and this wonderful person Isabella was able to calm me down by stating “won’t worry we will get them back”. 

Needless to say, my exchange password was not working and was locked, and after her hard work with the IT team and almost two days, last Friday she was able to recover 44K emails and she kept checking in with me how everything was going with the recovery.

I don’t have enough words in thanking her for her professionalism and assistance.

Just thought you needed to know as her superior.


Clinical Finance and Operations
Columbia University College of Dental Medicine